Friday, 3 April 2015

project with my kiddoo 11

today i am very excited to share with you all my lil girl`s art!!! last night i told her that she could do whatever she wants to do...but she has to be quiet :)...yup thats a task staying quiet.. ;)
 so she made this amazingly beautiful flower on some random paper which v meant to throw was art in purest form....i was delighted.....the flower was exquisite!!!! it reminded me of this famous quote

the flower made the crazy juices flow inside my head and i made a multi media collage of it...that random piece of paper meant to throw away :). like every mother i would say child delights me to no end...but her constantly  very confident and very creative outlook of life surprises me always..:)
her art always inspires me !!! 

this is my husbands favourite destination....he has been there once...but not a day passes by when he doesnt talk about france once...its his favourite place to go on his travel itinerary..hence finds a place on our bliss collage...there is something of each one of us on this piece :)

yup stitched....adddictedddddddddd

the flower :)

merci !!!

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  1. Children's art is the BEST!!! You did a great job of honoring her creativity...way to go Mom!!!


thank u for your comments...they always motivate me :)