Friday, 27 March 2015

bird love

i am crazy about birds!!! actually more than spotting them i like drawing them... when i was a little girl a lot of Hoopoes use to roam around our garden and our that time the birders in our family had yet not awakened,hence we use to call those Hoopoes......woodpecker....v did'nt knew the difference.
 finally my uncle took interest in birds , and started studying them with such passion that entire family was bitten by this bird buggg!!! now all of us in the family can boast as amateur birders..
i don't why i was reminded of this small and very abstract happening during my childhood...but i decide to draw a woodpecker. so here it is :)

i made the background of this page with my own handmade stamp....stitching paper on paper is my new did that too :)

i also  painted my favourite quote this week :)

another stitched paper....moon to night sky !!!!

Friday, 20 March 2015

a new step

   This is my 74th one can obviously make out that I consider these posts some sort of milestones for me...I would like to tell my blogging story so far.

I started painting some five to seven years back, my daughter was a baby then and I wanted to be a stay at home mom . I am a science graduate and trained to be a teacher ,staying back at home was what i wanted but still somewhere during that time I started feeling something lacking in my life Cooking and cleaning doesn't motivate me enough to be happy even now .
I use to read a lot,but all new moms who are bookworms like me know that reading requires certain period of peace and quiet which is a luxury with few months old baby.hence I use to be on Google via my phone ,laptop searching for things in general.
Art always mystified me.Whenever i would see something i liked i would ask myself the question oh! how gorgeous it is, when will i learn to paint like that ? I remember even as a little child i was very creative,i would do all kind of stuff at home,but being the kind of shy person i am ,i never shared nor i ever imagined that this could be a very coveted career option for me.
So i started with this first painting which i saw and liked on net...and realized i could draw and yes paint decently :) ..that was the start.

This was my first painting ever ,inspired of course,but I was happy .
This was my first step on this journey of self discovery .I painted for few years and as most amateur painters are, i was very shy to show my paintings to anyone.I loved painting but it was for me alone. With lot of persuasion from my husband and a friend i opened my blogger account in May 2010. But  i started sharing my artwork enthusiastically from April 2014 :)...almost a year back.

Sharing my artwork was and still is a great deal for me because these pages of my journal,this artistic journey is the window to my soul.Every blog that i publish showcases me in some way.I deliberate a lot before posting a post and eagerly wait for the number of views and other statistics ,but at the end of the day i love what i makes me happy. i guess that is what art is all about...happiness  :)
 Right now i dont know where my journey may take me but i know that i am enjoying it at the moment... and i guess thats what life is all about :)

Friday, 13 March 2015

home is where our story begins

hi, i just collaged this bit during the took a lot of time anddd  i couldnt,god knows why,photograph it well :(...but neways i am here with my pics..

Monday, 2 March 2015

caged bird

One day i was sitting on my porch..just looking at my garden..i saw these beautiful green bee eaters...i have always been fascinated by their tails...and green bee eaters are one of few birds which i can identify with a bare glance....yeahhhh. These bird were sitting on a wire and really a sight to behold...and i decided to paint them :)
                                                  Caged Bird by Maya Angelou is a beautiful poem...the first time i read it..i remember i had tears in my eyes...i decide to write it alongside my birds ..i hope u guys like them :)

chestnut headed bee eater

my new found love of  stiching paper to another continues :))

green bee eater :)

yup did both the profiles :)

i love the was the most fun thing to do :D