Friday, 20 March 2015

a new step

   This is my 74th one can obviously make out that I consider these posts some sort of milestones for me...I would like to tell my blogging story so far.

I started painting some five to seven years back, my daughter was a baby then and I wanted to be a stay at home mom . I am a science graduate and trained to be a teacher ,staying back at home was what i wanted but still somewhere during that time I started feeling something lacking in my life Cooking and cleaning doesn't motivate me enough to be happy even now .
I use to read a lot,but all new moms who are bookworms like me know that reading requires certain period of peace and quiet which is a luxury with few months old baby.hence I use to be on Google via my phone ,laptop searching for things in general.
Art always mystified me.Whenever i would see something i liked i would ask myself the question oh! how gorgeous it is, when will i learn to paint like that ? I remember even as a little child i was very creative,i would do all kind of stuff at home,but being the kind of shy person i am ,i never shared nor i ever imagined that this could be a very coveted career option for me.
So i started with this first painting which i saw and liked on net...and realized i could draw and yes paint decently :) ..that was the start.

This was my first painting ever ,inspired of course,but I was happy .
This was my first step on this journey of self discovery .I painted for few years and as most amateur painters are, i was very shy to show my paintings to anyone.I loved painting but it was for me alone. With lot of persuasion from my husband and a friend i opened my blogger account in May 2010. But  i started sharing my artwork enthusiastically from April 2014 :)...almost a year back.

Sharing my artwork was and still is a great deal for me because these pages of my journal,this artistic journey is the window to my soul.Every blog that i publish showcases me in some way.I deliberate a lot before posting a post and eagerly wait for the number of views and other statistics ,but at the end of the day i love what i makes me happy. i guess that is what art is all about...happiness  :)
 Right now i dont know where my journey may take me but i know that i am enjoying it at the moment... and i guess thats what life is all about :)

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  1. I was so very happy to read your post! Your feelings must mirror countless others (including myself) and I admire the journey you have taken. Living a creative life is like no other and I wish you continued success.


thank u for your comments...they always motivate me :)