Thursday, 30 June 2016

two pages

.......two weeks...yup thats the break i took from blogging....but here i am with two pages...i had promised myself that there`ll be multiple posts by me this make up for the last two weeks...but that didnt happen either...coz all my paintings are midway... :)

well...hi...i wanted to write about dual nature that each one of us have...v have a people face and a private face...all of us...and usually both of them are nice...but i am not a write/author....i paint...
 so here are my two pages ...both of them hugely different from terms of technique,paints,concept...but both are still me :) i hope u like them

                                                     this is my first page...
                         zodiac sign gemini is famous for dual symbolism :)

                        magic of woods...i have loved these lines by robert frost
                        for  forever now...they had to be in my artwork someday :)

Thursday, 9 June 2016


  this week i worked on paintings which are meant as gift for a very special friend. Painting this week has been a revelation...i started of with something very different but the whole process went through loads of changes and i finally came to this quote (which i totally love ).

Art is something very personal...close to your cannot share it everyone.
a musician told me that..and somehow i relate to it. if i share a peice of work i feel like i am baring my soul to all.i do share my artwork but not all ;)
so here i am sharing another slice of my soul...hope u like it :D