Thursday, 26 February 2015


someday i would love to ride a hot air balloon....i mean thats in my bucket list.....when i see a hot air balloon,i think old world romance,adventure,fun and freedom...
            so this week..i had hot air balloons on my mind....i made this watercolour devoted totally to them :) . ...hey and tried my new found love of hand stitching...i stitched my hot air balloons to background page :)..i hope u guys like them :)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

obsessed with heart

hi everyone,
                i really seem to b obessed with heart.....yaaaa...i checked my journal nd my posts ...they are HERE,AND HERE ,here and these are the recent posts :)))). hey but this is the month of hearts...sooo its all good.
       so here`s another page out of my art i made a beautiful branch of gold sprinkled tomatoes...i love tomatoes ;)...i dont have a sewing machine (yet)...i plan to buy one soon...soo i used my own to hands :D to make the branch ...then i also sew a beautiful polka dotted cloth cut in heart shape...i totally love the effect..
                               i love to do lettering....but i get so less time to do it....yeahh...but i managed to write love on the side of looks good..i think so...what do u guys tell me
                                                                             thanks nd hugs

Thursday, 5 February 2015

feather love

 a few days back i posted about how i am in love with these paper feathers... (the post is  here           )
  i have  not been able to make boxfull of feathers yet....but i found a few things i could do with them ... yeee
 so here is my first feathery crafty project...i stuck them to a stick....and made a few hearts ( i used heat transfer foils)...i dont have a used the alternative method...nd i loveeeeeeeeed d effect...
i made hearts stuck them to a stick..made feathers...stuck then to sticks...found an empty beautiful glass bottle and here v have bed side table sidey thing :))
i have few more crafty things lined up for my feathers...will share soon :D

rumi love

 here`s another one of my favourite RUMI quotes....i looooove what he says...and i totally get i getting philosophical??? :)
             but as soon as i filled my journal page with colours i knew i had to write this :)... there are times in life when inspite of everything,all the saddness around us,we have to see the positives and find our happiness. with all that choas that is going on in the world right now....i m deeply saddened  and concerned as i m sure most of us are...but then i try to put that saddess..that negativity to a side...i try...nd pray to god nd find my own lil happiness....i had read a few lines written by Paulo Coelho (another one of my favourites)  that god has given us this life to b happy nd to rejoice...dont b guilty for the joy that u r getting. obviously that doesnt mean that v should b insensitive...but insipte of all that darkness around us..v should try to find lil light for ourselves....:)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

love love

  its that time of the year again.... :)


to honour this occasion ;) i filled my journal with red colour.. :) the pages turned out really well...i love them ...hope u guys do too :DD


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

project with my kidoo 10

    i should name this post as project for myself :)...i`ll tell u why...recently my daughter had to get a feather for some school activity..okk honestly i love feathers nd feathery things but when i was a lil girl my mother ,who was verrry strict about hygiene,as all mothers are,explained to us that those feathers are dirty....that thought still continues in my mind somewhere...i collect feathers...but i dont let my daughter touch them...i know bit too much..i`ll cool down on this issue in some time i m sure :)
                                             neways :) so v had to send a feather with i checked net and found a make paper einstein of me ;) v drew and cut nd made feathers... a o couple of them may be... but enough to get me hooked...i m in loveeeeeeeeee with every night just before going to bed....i make a few of them...i swear its been on for quite a while...:)
                                         dont know though what i`ll do with them..... yet......but i want to make a box full of feathers....a huge box...:)....hope u guys love them :)