Thursday, 5 February 2015

rumi love

 here`s another one of my favourite RUMI quotes....i looooove what he says...and i totally get i getting philosophical??? :)
             but as soon as i filled my journal page with colours i knew i had to write this :)... there are times in life when inspite of everything,all the saddness around us,we have to see the positives and find our happiness. with all that choas that is going on in the world right now....i m deeply saddened  and concerned as i m sure most of us are...but then i try to put that saddess..that negativity to a side...i try...nd pray to god nd find my own lil happiness....i had read a few lines written by Paulo Coelho (another one of my favourites)  that god has given us this life to b happy nd to rejoice...dont b guilty for the joy that u r getting. obviously that doesnt mean that v should b insensitive...but insipte of all that darkness around us..v should try to find lil light for ourselves....:)

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  1. great lettering, beautiful background colours and wonderful doodles! I love this page!


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