Thursday, 30 July 2015

whimsy flowers 2

once i get into groove there`s no stopping me :)... i love my whimsy flowers...making them...looking at them...anddd posting about them..
 i had this canvas and i had already made flowers on it...but it was totally blue...and that kinda made me want to do something more to it...and i finally did it....more colour...more wildness and more fun...
i dont know if its complete as yet...might just keep adding more layers to it...but for now ( few days) its done :)
i hope you guys like it :)

my mixing plate....i love the colour mixture on it right now...wish could frame it just like that :)

                         my messy table...the canvas nd mixing plate and wires sneaking in :)

Friday, 24 July 2015

whimsy flowers

Hi, this week was spent in some project...which required certain composure..nd strictness....or may be if I could say it better...then i'd say...I couldnt be as wild nd free flowing as I usually am...but it is an exciting project...cant wait to tell you about it...but later ;)
so while I was working on that project I kept promising myself...that once I m done I could be as willllld as I could be.... In my Art journal :)..
    and I am so happy...that I Held Myself for few days....coz when I let myself go...I created magic...I made these utterly beautiful whimsy flowers...nd they r much much prettier than the pics I clicked..I hope you also enjoy them as much as I did  while making them... :)

Friday, 17 July 2015


Fire is His head, the sun and moon His eyes, space His ears, the Vedas His speech, the wind His breath, the universe His heart. From His feet the Earth has originated. 

hi , i made shiv again.. i made it on the canvas not in my art journal :). few days back,with the  intention of making a shiv on canvas...i started out on a small turned into mud...yup mixed all the colours in  my over enthusiasm... but never mind ill scrape it of nd use again ;)... then i started with lot of determination on even bigger canvas and it turned into exactly what i wanted... i hope u like it :)

                                                                my shiv and my messed up table :)

this weeks soc 5 challenge  was awesome :).... i had so much fun..i made birches..yup my first...but what fun...the colours of this week were 1 orange+1 orange+1 blue  

 last but not the least i wanted to share with all of you that i got mentioned on
and here is the link which leads to the article on which i was mentioned prachee got mentioned :D
i owe thanks to everyone .

Friday, 10 July 2015

made it

hi, this week i have been super super busy...this is first time in ever i missed out blogging on friday...which is my blogging day :).
but i managed to paint ...yeee....and i kinda let myself this time...and had fun....just went with the flow ;)
my first post is that of the soc 5 challenge...lovely colors this time... 1green+1green+1pink.
green is my absolute favourite color...if i go to a shop..first thing i pick up is green stuff...whatever it may be..curtains..bedsheets..decor. i created some whimsy flowers i hope u like them

i recently ordered gauache colors...nd sprinkled some with a tooth brush on the painting...i loved the effect..

my second post is a dreamcatcher...i let myself loose in this one...did all that i loved...made flowers..spread colors...made texture...made dots (i love making them )...used my own hand made stencils...wrote. only thing i didnt do was to stitch... i`ll probably add it some time later...for now its done ..:)

                                                   please let me sing my heart`s song...

                                                    the dreamcatcher :)

i made a collage of two pics....i love photoshop ;)

Friday, 3 July 2015


hi , this weeks soc5 colors were 1 red+1 red+1 metallic. i love red...i have so much red in my wardrobe..and in metallic is another favorite ..esp bronze . i jumped up in excitement... but soon all the excitement fizzled in not my color afterall...i mean i made atleast three serious attempts and dozens of half hearted ones...but red refused to help me out :). but god is such a sweetheart...a birthday came up...i had to wrap the gift nd viola a gift tag emerged :). i hope u like it.
              in between the red battles i tried to take of my mind and find a lil peace...i made a buddha.. with blues ..greens anddd red :) i hope u like that too :)

i have been making the paper feathers for sometime....i love them..i find it therapeutic ;)

i dont like fancy ribbons so much...i find a piece of twine really attractive..m i twisted or what :)