Thursday, 29 January 2015


    i am not a person who likes self motivational/self help books...i am a self confessed bookworm...give me a book and i can spend an entire day reading it without doing any chore ;)...but self help books/philosophical books are not for me...but strangely enough i like Rumi and what he says...i mean in my spare time i actually go through net and read his stufff :)
       so here is another of my favourite Rumi saying  :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

feather love 4

    i am  back with feathers!!!...i love feathers...drawing them..making things out of them...
so as i have tld earlier i keep a separate journal for feather drawings...i added another page to it...actually had made three..but two turned out real bad...oh i so wish that each time i draw it turns out exactly the way i want !!! sometimes it does..sometimes even better...nd sometimes here i am sharing my beautiful page with u...hope u guys like it  :)

beautiful light was falling from my window when i was trying to take the pic...i loved the effect here it is... :)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

all heart

hey everybody,
                      big is scary for me.....yup been painting in art journals for big can they get...:) . i am scared to paint on something big for the fear that i`ll spoil it....but few days back i threw all the caution in the wind...just didnt listen to that nagging inner voice in my head nd painted a huge heart :)...its on paper though...but its probably only huge painting i have done in a long long while...

i went all out on this one.....i layered..used my favourite colours (didnt know i loved that shade of pink...but i guess i do...lots of my art journal pages are in that sooo....) ,used my own stamps,made new stamp,made loads of dots (i love dotsss)....did everything i could think of.....nd i was happiest....the whole day the afterglow of the painting was awesome :)...wish i`d paint more like that free nd wild :).....finally i have this huge beautiful heart in my room.... <3 ...hope u guys like it :)

Friday, 16 January 2015

stamping fun

hi everybody,my lil girl`s birthday is coming uppp...nd i am having all d fun...with making up her invites nd wrapping up her return gifts nd all. i have been wrapping presents from my hand printed paper for a long while now....its real fun..nd adds a lil personal touch to each gift :) here are a few...i went berserk tat day...printed a lott of paper with my own hand made stamps..(.left over a lott for future use).. :) i hope u guys like them

started of with these gooddie bags......what fun!!!

the result !!! honestly they are d prettiest ones with the best gifts ;)

a pile of few wrapped gifts together :)

Friday, 9 January 2015

auld lang syne

happy new year everyone ....i took an almost month long vacation from blogging .....i am back and hopefully i`ll b  regular again .....i made this girl nd in background i wrote one of my favourite songs `auld lang syne'...i hope with the start of new year we all can keep what is good from past year and leave whatever that is bad behind....