Thursday, 22 January 2015

all heart

hey everybody,
                      big is scary for me.....yup been painting in art journals for big can they get...:) . i am scared to paint on something big for the fear that i`ll spoil it....but few days back i threw all the caution in the wind...just didnt listen to that nagging inner voice in my head nd painted a huge heart :)...its on paper though...but its probably only huge painting i have done in a long long while...

i went all out on this one.....i layered..used my favourite colours (didnt know i loved that shade of pink...but i guess i do...lots of my art journal pages are in that sooo....) ,used my own stamps,made new stamp,made loads of dots (i love dotsss)....did everything i could think of.....nd i was happiest....the whole day the afterglow of the painting was awesome :)...wish i`d paint more like that free nd wild :).....finally i have this huge beautiful heart in my room.... <3 ...hope u guys like it :)


  1. Oh yes you are doing so well to face your fear of painting big ;) I too have that scary feeling when it comes to my big canvases, hehe...Your big heart (aww I mean who can´t love a big heart) is so beautiful and bold! The heart itself shines from within and sending love its way...gorgeous! Don´t stop painting big!!!! Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  2. Perfect time of the year to go bold with you beautiful big heart!

  3. What fun ~ and a fitting expression of the many facets of LoVe ~ including the self LoVe that inspires us past our "fears!" Beautiful!

  4. I love your big heart. It's amazingly beautiful.


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