Wednesday, 26 August 2015

tied with string of love

hi ,
 birds are still the same as last year ...see for urself here....and love is also still the same or even more...
  there is something about the black colour i love...although my favourite colour is green but black is close to my heart....i have so many black shoes,clothes (too many actually :) ) and now i am addicted to black seems to pop out  everything .
i hope you like my birds....holding the string together  :)

Thursday, 20 August 2015


                                           ' when i count my blessings...i count you twice '

hi ... its that time of the year again..when brother sister love is celebrated and rejoiced...
yeah...i have been so blessed to have brother`S....although we are all settled faraway from each other now...but i can feel the love :). i just wish that this bond of love never breaks or fades away with time  and distance. 

                                                                          rakhi `s

It’s a small thread, that has travelled a long way. From pulling each other’s leg, to growing into the best of friends. Today its paused, at yet another milestone, on the journey of friendship and love. May this small thread bind us forever!

Friday, 14 August 2015

flowers and birds

    as i am sure all of you must have noticed...birds and flowers are my first love when it comes to drawing and painting....sometimes i consiously try to deviate myself...try to take a break (like last week..i didnt blog last week..that doesnt mean i didnt paint :) )....but i return back to it :)
         so here again i have some gorgeous flowers and birds together ...i hope you like them :)

 i am still learning to take pics without losing you can understand my predicament when i have to click a pic of the two pages of my journal together like i went for easier option...clicked two...collaged them together ;)

my mixed media flowers <3

do you like the flowers and the tell :)