Thursday, 20 August 2015


                                           ' when i count my blessings...i count you twice '

hi ... its that time of the year again..when brother sister love is celebrated and rejoiced...
yeah...i have been so blessed to have brother`S....although we are all settled faraway from each other now...but i can feel the love :). i just wish that this bond of love never breaks or fades away with time  and distance. 

                                                                          rakhi `s

It’s a small thread, that has travelled a long way. From pulling each other’s leg, to growing into the best of friends. Today its paused, at yet another milestone, on the journey of friendship and love. May this small thread bind us forever!


  1. i just wish that this bond of love never breaks or fades away with time and distance. That is such a precious word....Thanks for your inspiration not only with your art...but your words. Sending Hugs

  2. A lovely post and a really nice piece of art, I love all the different symbols.

  3. beautiful colors and words...close family relationships are precious indeed! ♥

  4. Beautiful pieces. I think it is so nice to celebrate your brothers by painting these colorful and happy pieces.

  5. It is definitely a blessing to have such a close relationship with brothers, even though you physically live faraway from each other. I love your artistic interpretation of this relationship, with the small thread stretching and the unique symbols. Peace!

  6. Wow. Very detailed work. Awesome symbolism. Really love all the colors and contrasts with the black paint.

  7. I have been an avid follower and I am very disappointed to see you paint a swasticka in your artwork.

    1. hi dear, this swastika is not the one u r thinking it India along with ganesh,peacock, is considered a sign of goodness and prosperity...if you note...the legs are in different direction then the one you are talking about...never meant to hurt anyone


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