Thursday, 17 November 2016

150 !!!

hi everyone, its been really long since i last blogged :) . 2 months ... longest break i took from blogging ever . But i discovered instagram :) ... i have been posting my stuff on instagram... and it goes with the handle name pracheevash. Although i love blogging i cannot share as much on a blog as i can on instagram so i made the switch. I would love it if you guys checked my profile on instagram:).
Its my 150th post yeee. When i started almost three years back i didnt knew i'd make it this far. I have shared some of my best stuff on this blog.. and would continue to do so... but not with such regularity... or may be regularly when life settles down a bit and its pace is reduced :)
For this special post i have a very special painting i made a few days back. It has a saying which i believe in and is for now my favourite . Hope you like it :)