Thursday, 28 January 2016



                                                recipe for gift tags (by artsy mom)

                                  paint a background...i did a flowery one :)

      cut it into rectangles ...write names on a plain white paper..punch a hole in both the papers ..tie them both

                     click lots of pics :)....wrap gifts in hand made gift wraps

                and stick the tags on the gifts...stack them up...and get ready to                               partyyyyy  :)...(oh yes order/make some food  too and not to forget plan some party games and v r all set ;)

..its season of guavas in my city..yeahhhh...where i come from...i miss painted some  ;)

Friday, 22 January 2016

pink love

when u cant think of anything to paint...cant get inspired to pick up the brush...paint a hibiscus...yup it`ll help to get the juices flowing ;)...thats my mantra.
 painted a pink hibiscus yet favourite flower it seems :)
and yes kept my resolution this week too...painted a big one tooo..hope u like them both :)

                                                      the big one

                        the smaller was easier to manage :)

Thursday, 14 January 2016

loved. blessed.

    resolutions....with this year i took one resolution...that i`ll paint no more only painting in small sketchbooks...but trying to paint on larger canvases is the big thing on my list :)...
and i started of with a realllly random free handed flowers which turned out ok..not great...just ok but thats my first time sooo... :)

i did two more smaller than upper one but still big enough :) i hope u like them :)

painted and hung on my wall...i m sorry i couldnt take a good pic of this one...this is d best shot i got.... :/

Friday, 8 January 2016


o listen
o sense how
even the smooth stones sing
the stories of their youth
about the lashes of waves
and their journey!!!!

happy new year
hi, i took a looooong break .....yup almost two months....amidst festival,wedding,vacation i hardly had any time or energy to paint. but i m back now with all new vigour....:) for long haul again :)

so we went to a beach location for lil girl ran across the whole beach and collected all kind of was a delight to watch how much joy simple no worth stones can bring...(and the thought entered my heart that how in our grown up world we run after priced `stones'). like always we collected and saved all of them and brought them back home. my succulents are always in need of stones....i keep growing my succulent collection actually painted a few for my succulents ...i hope u like them :)

         god,flower,love cycle ,butterfly,randomness...alll good things in life !!!!!!

bird <3