Friday, 26 February 2016

next few faces

i made next few faces....and then collaged them on a single page of my art journal....:)

as per my resolution of going big this year...this week i made the first layer of my bouquet of flowers...i dont know how it`ll shape up in few days from now...but i am keeping my resolution...yeeee ;)

withered roses


                                    What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness.

hi everyone....
i dont know how i missed the pure beauty of dried roses ...i just did...
other day i was sitting in the room i paint...i had kept a few roses there...they had dried up...and i just saw them in different light....they looked prettier than before when they were fresh.
      i just oohed and aahed and couldnt think of a way to preserve them....then i just got a glass bottle and for now i have stored them in that...:)
i have kept the bottle on my table just to admire them every once in a while...and cant help myself from sharing them with u all ...i know u`ll be bowled over too by my dry roses :)

Thursday, 18 February 2016

perfect heart...project with my kid 12

hi everyone...
     it was valentines had to make hearts....and amongst all the hearts that i made this one is my favourite because my lil girl and i made it together and had loads of fun making it...
 so we took a cotton cloth and did all fun stuff with it....stamped it...coloured it...doodled on it...spread inks on it....smeared our fingers and faces with colours ;)...but result was this happily smeared cloth.
  after all the hard work...i sewed a beautiful heart from it for the man of our the house;)  hope u guys like it :)

Friday, 12 February 2016

next six days

here are the faces for the next five days....this week i painted so much that my shoulders are aching...but nothing is completed as cant really show anything ...except these faces :)...oh btw completed that tiny face booklet...thinking of what to paint next with my faces...:)

                                             day 8

                                                         day 9

                                                          day 10

                                                     day 11

                                                        day 12

                                                         day 13

the booklet !!!!

Monday, 8 February 2016

day 5,6 and 7

i am finally getting the hang of it...i found the flesh tint i wanted my faces to have ...and the lip sounds insane but till the time i am not happy with the colours i am using i dont feel for the painting i am painting...finally am feeling ..hope u guys like them :)

                                                       day 5

                                                            day 6

                                                           day 7 

Friday, 5 February 2016

bird diaries

hi everyone,
   i had a new sketchbook....its a small one ....i had for a long time intended to start a separate sketchbook for my here we are :)
so started of with this birdie page and also practised a little bit of lettering...i hope u guys like it :)

                                     profiles of my birds in my mind ;)

oh yes i know my abc`s ;)

resolutely i follow my resolution of painting big new year`s i made this huge bouquet of flowers...i found nothing wrong in it...till i clicked a pic....and then i saw...the vase is tooo big for the u think so too??....but it looks sooo pretty hanging in my small painting i dont mind it much :) 

day 3 and 4

four days of making faces...and i am not really getting better...but yes more enthusiastic may be :) so here`s day 3 and day 4

                                                           day 3

                                                        day 4

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

day 2

day two of 29 faces....i  decided to practise small and then go i had this piece of sheet lying somewhere in my stuff...its all folded and thought i`ll make a face booklet kinda thing...and started on that...i`ll show u the sheet so u`ll get an idea

so at first i decided i`ll paint just one side..and one part at a time...but as i was writing this i thought why not both sides...there are six i guess i`ll soon have 12 miniature faces looking at me ;)
so here`s the face for day 2

i did everything i could to it...textured background,flowers,dots...everthing i love...still she didnt smile for me...i guess she feeling blue ;)
hope i make the next one laugh :)

Monday, 1 February 2016

29 faces

it was struggle....honestly...i was so excited to be a part of 29 faces...but clearly i have not practiced faces in months now...and i have lost my ability to make a decent face :(. yup after three futile and very bad attempts at drawing and painting faces,i have come up with this...not really good...but this was all i could muster on day one...hopefully i`ll be better in few days :)