Wednesday, 3 February 2016

day 2

day two of 29 faces....i  decided to practise small and then go i had this piece of sheet lying somewhere in my stuff...its all folded and thought i`ll make a face booklet kinda thing...and started on that...i`ll show u the sheet so u`ll get an idea

so at first i decided i`ll paint just one side..and one part at a time...but as i was writing this i thought why not both sides...there are six i guess i`ll soon have 12 miniature faces looking at me ;)
so here`s the face for day 2

i did everything i could to it...textured background,flowers,dots...everthing i love...still she didnt smile for me...i guess she feeling blue ;)
hope i make the next one laugh :)


  1. What ever she is feeling, the emotion seem real. Love all the bold colors

  2. Your mix of colors is lovely and the pensive expressions on the pieces you make give the viewer an additional layer of emotion to consider. It makes the viewer wonder, what is she thinking about or why is she "blue." Beautiful.


thank u for your comments...they always motivate me :)