Thursday, 9 June 2016


  this week i worked on paintings which are meant as gift for a very special friend. Painting this week has been a revelation...i started of with something very different but the whole process went through loads of changes and i finally came to this quote (which i totally love ).

Art is something very personal...close to your cannot share it everyone.
a musician told me that..and somehow i relate to it. if i share a peice of work i feel like i am baring my soul to all.i do share my artwork but not all ;)
so here i am sharing another slice of my soul...hope u like it :D


  1. Yes, I like your bicycle and bright colours of your painting. Well done.
    Happy PPF xx

  2. Well if that be true I love your soul! Gorgeous piece! Yes I agree it is a piece of our glad we have a safe place to share it!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. That's true! What a beautiful painting! Love it. The Colors, the Quote, all! Thanks for sharing and Happy PPF!

  4. Nice. I think this is a great quote and I love how you used the bike image too. Isn't the journey from start to finish of a painting really fascinating?

  5. this is a beautiful painting and I love that quote too!

  6. I have a few cyclists in my family and they'd love your quote.
    Thanks for sharing your colourful painting... happy PPF to you

  7. I have always loved that quote. Very fitting with the bicycle - so cute!

  8. more then the painting i liked the post

  9. You bike looks so cool that it urges to move ). Really inspiring!


thank u for your comments...they always motivate me :)