Friday, 27 March 2015

bird love

i am crazy about birds!!! actually more than spotting them i like drawing them... when i was a little girl a lot of Hoopoes use to roam around our garden and our that time the birders in our family had yet not awakened,hence we use to call those Hoopoes......woodpecker....v did'nt knew the difference.
 finally my uncle took interest in birds , and started studying them with such passion that entire family was bitten by this bird buggg!!! now all of us in the family can boast as amateur birders..
i don't why i was reminded of this small and very abstract happening during my childhood...but i decide to draw a woodpecker. so here it is :)

i made the background of this page with my own handmade stamp....stitching paper on paper is my new did that too :)

i also  painted my favourite quote this week :)

another stitched paper....moon to night sky !!!!


  1. Gorgeous WOODPECKER! Would be great to our THINGS WITH WINGS theme over at
    as there is running the theme: THINGS WITH WINGS until March 31th.

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  3. Wonderful project, thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  4. A fine piece of art for this challenge.
    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  5. Wonderful, in depth detailing. Luv it.

  6. fab! Great stamp the combination is kind of hypnotizing ;)

  7. Thank you for linking this fab woodpecker to AJJ!
    Happy Saturday!

  8. Great composition, great bird. The chevron markings really compliment the piece. Gila woodpeckers are common where I live. But they are pesky. The like to jump on my hummingbird feeders and suck out all the nectar. They can empty one in very little time. They have bright red heads like the one you've drawn.

  9. i love your work... sewing paper is so much fun! wonderful woodpecker on the Chevron Background, and i like the second with the Quote, too!

  10. Love your woodpecker ... with the stitching and fab background created with your own handmade stamp - awesome! The other entry is great too - words to keep in mind!

  11. Yes, your woodpecker is great! And I like the way it goes together with the pattern! Great inspiration - I would have never thought of mixing it, but I love it!


thank u for your comments...they always motivate me :)