Tuesday, 14 April 2015


another of my journals finished....i had such fun filling all its pages....i was actually sorry that it had only so many pages :)...then my lil girl said...mom u should paint the cover too...then it`ll be truly urs.
i grapped the idea...although i know its not a new one...but still i needed alil nudge :)
    so at first i thought I`ll make a girl face..front profile...i sketched well but the painting went all bad...nd i lost all the interest...then thought i`ll make a waves and boat kinda thing...that didnt work out as well..
then i kept the journal down nd went out sat in my garden...sitting outside with birds nd flowers always inspires me :)..nd i decided to draw a hibiscus..
and i love the colour ..texture nd whole feel of thing...i hope u guys like it too :)

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