Wednesday, 22 April 2015

project with my kidoo 12

hi everyone...
   both us got busy lil girl and I...i needed some stringy lights for my art wall... i know there are dozens available in the market...but they dont have my mark on it ;) both of us ( mostly me) sat down for this task.. (ordeal i must say) ...i began three weeks ago with the grand idea of making five petal stocking flowers for each of my 80 lights on the string....gosh!!!
    it ate up into so much of my time and by end of two weeks...after using all of my spare time....i managed to finish only forty...i dont know if i was too slow ;)..butttt i got bored..yup
    then v decided to use some beautiful hand painted paper to cover the remaining lights .....nd my lil girl dutifully painted me some....nd they are lovely :)
we wrapped those around our lights....yes we love the effect..hope you guys too :)

the view of my wall with lights :)

                                       yup those are the stocking flowers i was talking about :)

                                                        i love the lights now !!!!

the flower 

my girl`s handiwork :D

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  1. The petal flowers reminded me of school and craft classes :). Looks beautiful!! I am glad you are able to spend time on something you love and do so passionately.


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