Friday, 26 September 2014

project with my kidoo 8 (50th post )

hi everyone..this is my fiftieth post..yeee
i want to share with u a project very close to my heart.some time back i decided to encourage my daughter to see beauty in small nature . as a result we started collecting what we call `treasure'. and now we have amassed quite a lottt :)...these treasures surely dont have any value in terms of money....but in terms of love ,senstivity,care,moments ,memories they r valuable to us more than the monetary things....i hope u like them :).... love

one of our treasure boxes...with empty pockets soon to be filled 

wooden canoes.....our favourite treasure...we have dozens of them....all stacked safely 

a sun dried twig my girl recently got for me to be kept in our treasure box

stones we collected on our last trip to goa

these are the stones that my girl gets for me from the school...yup during some time in d school may b during physical education class,she finds these adorable little pebbles...puts them in her pocket and brings them home to me with a huge each one of these pebbles :)..such joy they bring to me ... 

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