Friday, 26 September 2014

airport wreath doodles

:) recently i was travelling and long flights can be pretty boring...but i always carry my journal with me and doodle on these are my inflight doodles....hope u like them

lets welcome the goddess .....this time of the year marks the start of celebrations and festivities with the arrival of goddess DURGA...the above drawing is that of MAA KALI ....happy days ahead :)

i linked it here


  1. I came by via Sketch Friday. Your doodles are so interesting and I enjoyed your version of Durga. Hope you enjoy the celebrations and festivities.


  2. This is something that I must pursue... I always have my journal with me but never seem to remember to doodle or draw anything whilst I'm travelling.
    Thanks for sharing and giving inspiration.
    Have a great weekend

  3. Love your airplane doodles!! Hugs! deb


thank u for your comments...they always motivate me :)