Friday, 6 November 2015

another flower post

     yup i love making flowers.....i cant stop making them...every time i hold my brush i want to make a flower :)
  so another flower post from me....i took a break from blogging last week.....i hope somebody out there misssed my blog ;)...hehehehe
hope you love my tell

heart and flowers :D

the background is the wrapping paper i made with my lil girl for upcoming festive season... it was fun !!!!


  1. Flowers are lovely thing also to me... your paintings are beautiful.
    I like to use all kind of "strange" things as backgrounds :)
    Happy weekend xx

  2. I was away last week too:) Love your sweet flowers and leafy vines. So pretty!

  3. Gorgeous and yes you and your vibrant art are always missed...and me too me too...I love making flowers!!
    I heard someone say they buy a huge bolt of white paper or brown paper and wrap all presents in it. They enhance it with stamps, paint, or ribbon to make it their own flavour!! You go girl...this is awesome gift wrap!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. There is nothing wrong with painting flowers and you do such a very nice job of it.


thank u for your comments...they always motivate me :)