Sunday, 17 May 2015


Magic...throughout my life i read fairy tales and believed in magic. i am now ashamed to even to tell that at one point of my life i asked god...yup prayed fervently to give me a genie.
  now years later, i have realized god had given me a magical genie to me, i just had hard time recognizing mom .
     i had a very normal major incidences to show that my mother is a goddess that she mom a professor in philosophy.. is a very normal mom. she scolded me when i did something wrong...praised me when i did something good...even tried to show off me for my little achievements.
     one of the major things that i learned from to try to be a good human being. unlike me she doesn`t fuss about small things...she tries to forgive and move on when she is hurt and she doesnt sing it everywhere when she helps.
             another important lesson i am still trying to learn from her is not to give money too much value.She is a professor ...and lots of students come to her for advice or help in the subject. in this age,when money is everything, she believes in the idea that a teacher should not ask for is his/her duty to impart education. she says she getting paid for whatever hard work she does in whatever students she teaches she is fulfilling her duty as is her dharam . what an inspiring thought.
                           i cannot thank her enough for these small overlooked things i have learned from her..which are shaping me up even now as a better person. Her love ,her just being there is all the magic...all the luck that i need in my life

these birds are inspired by my favourite artist but they emit my emotions which are mine alone

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